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Now to choose an optimum covering became much more simply and quicker! It is enough to fill only the questionnaire...
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Are glad to report that the new resource of the company "Metal World" today is started. On this site you can...
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Questions on a covering
Steblyanko Nikolay - 12/4/2007 0:05:12 PM
Covering conditions.
Nikolay - 8/22/2007 11:15:12 AM


Ceram-Kote covering


Ceram-Kote is an anticorrosive covering (paint) of a wide range of application for protection of metal, concrete and a waterproofing of various constructions.

The Ceram-Kote company - the leading producer of coverings on the basis of high-quality epoksidny pitches with addition of ceramic microparticles for highly effective anticorrosive protection. . CPAP Parramatta . . . sbobet
Container Hire SydneyProduction of the company are extremely steady anticorrosive coverings with high adhesion, excellent resistance to influence of various abrasives, crude oil, sea water, chemicals, with high stability to ultra-violet beams, excellent resistance to an istiraniye thanks to what reliable protection against corrosion as a metalwork, and products from concrete is reached. Coverings do not pass a bacterium and interfere with development of bioorganisms. They are safe for environment as do not contain some solvents.

The company has a wide experience of successful work on protection against corrosion in oil and gas and a mining industry, shipbuilding, construction of hydroconstructions and other branches of a national economy.

Production of Ceram-Kote is possible for modifying by request of the consumer (color tone, luster grades, functional additives, etc.).

Sale of an anticorrosive covering of Ceram-Kote, and also consulting services in selection and drawing of a necessary covering is carried out by JSC Mir Metalla, the official representative of the Ceram-Kote company in the territory of Russia.

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On our site it is possible to look at the description and technical characteristics of coverings of "Ceram-Kote" and to make the order in Internet shop. And if you are at a loss with a covering choice, ask a question at a forum or fill the questionnaire, and our experts will make for you selection of an optimum covering. Benefit from fantastic savings on clash royale hack , just by taking a look at


© 2003, 2007 JSC Mir Metalla


The two-componental epoksidny ceramic covering providing anticorrosive protection of a surface from metal, fiber glass, plastic and concrete.

8/17/2007In more detail»
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